About Us

IFARM is a leading Agricultural waste recycling and social benefit venture in Nigeria that creates value from generated poultry waste.
We have created sustainable alternative for handling poultry waste through recycling them into an eco-friendly product of diverse application.

How it Works

Ifarm Recyclers Obtains Eggshells Directly from Post Consumers

Ifarm Recyclers obtains eggshells from post consumers and this generates a more hygeinic raw material which adds to a huge value in the recycling process as it reduces the extra work to be done during the processing of eggshells into final product

The accumulated eggshells is further processed into a finished raw material with diverse application in the Agricultural sector, Pharmeceutical, Cosmetics, Industrial and Domestic sector

Mode of Collection

At Ifarm we operate two(2) recycling initiatives

  • Ifarm Recycling door to door
  • Ifarm Recycling drop off

Ifarm Recyclers Door to Door

Suscribers registered under this initiative exchange eggshells for cash rewards according to the accumulated number of Kg after eggshells have been weighed. Each Kg of eggshells have a price (contact for pricing). The cash reward is paid into our suscribers account. To signup to our door to door contact us.

Ifarm Recycling Drop off

Suscribers that are suscribed under the drop off initiative exchange eggshells for a point which can be accumulated over a long period of time. At drop off point, eggshells brought are being weighed and recorded in kilogrammes. Recorded Kgs are equated to shell points generated internally by IFARM RECYCLERS which are then used to redeem valuable items from Ifarm crux .To signup for our drop off iniative Click here

Drop off Center
Port Harcourt Drop off
#20 Ada George Road, PHC